object interactions?

Hi there,

I wondered if anybody could help me.
I don’t know what’s the way to do object interactions where I can animate the objects myself (with ipo curves).
More accurately I have a torus and I would like to lift it up with a hook. I have tried the game engine, but there I couldn’t find any way to move the hook manually (using the hook’s ipo) to lift the torus up. Due to the gravity the hook just felt down.
What I am looking for is to use an ipo to move the hook, and to be able to grab and lift the torus.
I am absolutely just a beginner in animation, and I just have opened the game engine the first time, but I’m really interested in learning them (mainly for animations, not for game development).

I hope that this description is clear enough. It should be something simple, but I need some directions.

Any help is much appreciated…

It is kind of old, but this may help…