Object invisible in 3d view

Object is invisible in 3d viewport and I can’t get it back. Renders fine. Got me stumped.
Here are screenshots:


Version 2.83.5 on windows

This is just a hunch but did you by any chance pressed the local view key by accident? (happend to me a couple of times).

Thanks but local view shows it invisible also. I’m pulling my hair out on this and I don’t have much left LOL.

Unfortunately i cant take a look at your file, when i try to download it, google asks me for my phone number. Any chance you can upload it here?

Here it is in dropbox

Kinda strange. The only way i came up with is export/import as obj and Data Transfer the vertex groups from the hidden mesh to imported one. Probably not what you looking for but at least you can continue your work.

So, since you are using your character’s skin mesh as an emitter for the hair particles, you will need to enable the Show Emitter checkbox in the Viewport Display panel of your Particle Properties:


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That makes sense :slight_smile:

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That’s crazy I had it checked. It still doesn’t work.
Using 2.83.5. Oh yes it does. That you very much. I was checking it in render and scratching my head. YEAH. I owe you one.

Glad I could help you figure it out!