Object is not Subscriptable?

Okay, I’ve got a dynamic physics object, and I’m trying to move it with a script via applyForce and applyRotation. However, it doesn’t budge and I keep getting this error on the lines that use those methods of movement:

'bulitin_function_or_method_' object is not subscriptable

I’ve run into this error before, but I’ve never figured out how to solve it or what it really means. Does anyone know what might be causing this, and how I could fix it?

What that means is that you’ve tried to use something that is not a function as a function.
An example if this is a list:

list = ["one", "Two", "Three"]

If I then went:


instead of:


I would get that error

The same applies in reverse, a function must be called with round brackets, so:


is correct. (I think)

Thanks sdfgeoff, that did it. :smiley: