object isn't following path

I have an object constrained to a path, the target path is selected and follow path is checked. I have “path animation” checked in the curve properties. When I cycle through frames or play the animation, the object doesn’t move. Help pls?

Two ways to do this, and I think you are kind of mixing them, see attached file, both methods are used.

The cube on the left ‘Cube’ has a follow path constraint on it. On the constraint, I selected ‘follow path’ in the constraint so the object turns as the curve turns. I also select fixed position, now the position of the cube is controlled via the slider for it’s position. To keyframe the location, hover mouse over the slider and use i-key to insert a keyframe.

The cube on the right ‘Cube.001’ is the child of the curve. Select the curve, shift select the cube, ctrl-p -> follow path. Now the cube will follow the curve for 100 frames. To change the speed, select the curve and in the curve’s properties panel, under path animation, change the frames and evaluation time values. By default, this method uses a generator f-curve modifier, that can be deleted and you can keyframe the evaluation time to control how the object moves on the curve.



follow_path.blend (404 KB)