Object jumping back in original position/rotation

I want to insert an animated object in the BGE. The object has rotation and location animated, but I want it to be moved and rotated so it’s in the right place in the scene and still keep the animation of the object (localy). Everytime I move/rotate the object and I play the animation it jumps back to the original position/rotation.

Hope this makes any sense.

Parent it to another object. The animation will play relative to the parent.

wow, is it that simple. I feel stupid :o

Thanks, I’ll try it.

Did this work? I thought did animation on a Child object, but I could not get it to work. Maybe I should try again.

For me it worked. First I animated a cube, then I parented it to an empty. After that I could place the empty with the cube anywhere in the scene and it played from that place.