Object kind of leaves it's features at given frames

Hi everyone!
I have this problem where objects seem to not keep the characteristics I give them for the entire timeline. For example, I filled a contour and the filling is visible onnly below frame 20.
Also, seeming related is the problem where I’m drawing a line somewhere, and another one dissapears somewhere else. It’s strange and counterintuitive, and can’t be easily explained.
I tried posting the issues on stackexchange twice (yes I was that desperate), and reddit, to no use.
Can anybody help me please? Thank you :smiley:

Hmmm…this is interesting. Something you didn’t say was whether or not you are working with any simulations. Depending on your settings and operating system, you may have some stale baked simulation cache in a temp directory (or wherever you specified) that your file is reading from as you scrub through your timeline.

That may be a long shot, but it is something to consider.

If that isn’t your problem, I feel like I’m having trouble visualizing what exactly is happening. Could you share some screenshots or the .blend file itself?

I don’t actually know what you mean by simulation, but if it’s about something like liquid simulation, then no, I am not using any. I’m on windows 10.
Here is a recording of the bug and here is the .blend file.
To be more clear, that eyebrow I’m talking about in the video was origially drawn thick, then I edited it to make it more thin.
Do you see anything strange?