object lags behind bones

I have a rigify armature that I added a tail to and applied an Fk IK setup for the tail. The FK and IK functions fine but the tail seems to lag behind the FK armature when I move the control bones. Also, The IK control bone on the tail tip does not follow the tail. I set the parent to Root originally but then moved the parent to DEFhip (the default connection in Rigify for connection to the hip) and the IK tail control bone moves with the body but not the tail when moving the FK controls of the tail. I am including the armature file if anyone would like to look at this and give me some advice on what to repair. Much appreciated. I am almost there with this and the rigify armature seems pretty solid. I just had to add some things to this to make it usable for me. Weight painting for the tail was automatic deform.

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TestTail.blend (3.74 MB)

There is no tail mesh in your blend file for me to look at…

Likely thing is the the tail is parented to both tail bone sets, so it only moves halfway. You need to distinguish between control and deform bones, if this is the case.

Cheers, Clock.

Thanks clockmender,

Sorry about the file with no mesh. I was having trouble seperating it all since the file was so large but have successfully seperated all the components to figure it out. I used DanPro’s video on building a tail rig on Youtube which was very well thought out and worked well. But having some issues with this dependency. Here is the file with the tail mesh to illustrate my challenges. Any help greatly appreciated. I just need to know what to fix.

It wasn’t modifier order or automatic weight adjustments on bones in the tail.

test.blend (4.01 MB)

Fix your weight painting. Here is how to diagnose.Move your armature so the mesh is distorted. Activate show weights in the mesh display in the property panel. First on your modifier for the armature, click on both boxes display modifier in edit mode and adjust edit cage to modifier so Your vertex will stay where you move the armature.Put the mesh in edit mode. Select a vertex that is off. Look at the weights in the property panel. You can if you want adjust the weights and see what happens to the vertex. Which ones are deforming other that the tail or the wrong tail bone? Go back into weight paint and subtract any weights that are influencing your tail other that the tail itself. (ie def hips, def thighs, other than the tail bone that should effect it, like tail on the one that should only be tail_7, etc. )

WOW thanks stilltrying. Great way to troubleshoot this. I was sure the auto weights was fine but now there is a way of troubleshooting this. As they say give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and it will last a lifetime. Thanks again will check

I did not see any problems with the armature (no dependency issues anyways), so like stilltrying and Clockmender have mentioned, it’s has to be a problem with weights.

You should parent the root most bone of each chain of the tail (all of them, INT, DEF, IK, FK ) to the hip bone to keep the tail moving with the torso.

Good luck!

Thanks all, and yes, although I THOUGHT the weight painting was not an issue, it was. Thanks for the troubleshooting tips. I think someone should write a book on troubleshooting Blender since learning how to do something is one thing, but then figuring out what to do when a problem arises is another.

DanPro, your video on building a tail (or tentacle) was well done and helped tremendously. Thanks again.

Just an extra note for anyone using rigify. The bone you would connect tails to (if you were using a tail with rigify) would be the DEF-hip bone. I guess I would consider myself an intermediate Blender user, especially since I was able to use DanPro’s wonderful instructional on the creation of tentacles in Blender. I worked on creating a complete custom rig but ran into problems along the way while using an instructional book on creating rigs that left out some important details. So decided to use what I could from the book and create sort of a hybrid rig using rigify with lots of addons that work. Thanks for everyone’s assistance, guiding me through the complexities of rigging. I have a deep respect for rigging and riggers but learning how it all works.