OBject Linking, Scaling, and Texture Problems in Cycles

Hi everyone,

I’ve been playing around with the Cycles version of Sintel Lite. After importing (by linking) a model I created into the Sintel file, I had to scale it down to suite Sintel’s dimensions.

On rendering the resulting pose, the textures on my imported model are scaled up, along with the resulting bump mapping.


I’m thinking that because I’ve scaled the model down, the renderer is using the unscaled textures in the original model blend file, and applying that to the scaled image.

Is there something that I need to do to get the renderer to scale the textures as well?

Any ideas, guys?

I tried the “Apply Transform + scaling” option, but this didn’t change any of the textures.

This gets weirder and weirder.

I decided to do a test. Use the default Cube scaled 8 blender units, colour it blue, bump map it (with the UV scaled to get the texture right), this is the result:


Saved the file, created a new Blender document with the cube unscaled (so 1 Blender unit in dimension), coloured it green, same bump mapping, same UV scaling.

Linked the Blue cube into this project, set up the scene, and this is the result:


I then scaled the blue cube down in the same way I did for my rifle in the Sintel render above, expecting that the bump mapping of the blue cube would be unscaled, but I got this:


So, now what do I try in my Sintel + Rifle project to get the bump mapping right on the rifle?

Note that the scope turrets have the texture correct (unsure about the bump mapping), but the scope bump mapping is the same as the rifle stock bump mapping.

Any ideas?

you might need to change the mapping to re adjust the texture size
did you test that ?

can show you nodes set up

happy cycles

Can you please pass me the cluestick?

This is what the bumpmapping texture on the rifle should be like:


In the green stock, and the scope.

first of all in last pic i don’t even see a texture
look more like diffuse material alone!
is there any texture on this ?
can you upload the riffle green mesh part alone in a cycles file so we can looks at it