Object Linking

I’m currently doing a 3D virtual tour directory. Basically, my main menu has two buttons, the aerial view and the virtual tour. What I wanted to do is that when I click on the virtual tour button(just a plane object), the virtual tour display will appear inside the main menu, replacing the white background/image area and when I click on the aerial view button, the virtual tour is replaced by the aerial view scene and vice versa. Displayed below is a .psd sample of what I wanted to project in Blender. There is an expandable object on the upper left corner of the screen to give way to the Date/Time and Home/Credits buttons sitting on the light green portions.


  1. Scene 1 is the Main Menu
  2. Scene 2 is the aerial view
  3. Scene 3 is the virtual tour
  4. The white plane is connected to Scene 2 and Scene 3 to help with toggling.

Question summary:
How do I make an interconnection between the object and the 2 scenes?

Thanks in advance.

I have problems to understand what you write.
Do you have three scenes in blender or only one?
And what do you want to do with the white plane?

With the scene - set scene actuator you can switch between the scenes.
With the visibility actuator you can switch a plane visible and invisible.

Here is are two links how to make a menu.

If you can’t manage it your self, then I need the blendfile.