Object linking

This isn’t exactly a technical question, but I need to do something and I don’t know how.
Problem: I want to make a scene (or scenes) with several instances of the same character. I’ll need around 10 and the character has a rig.
I know I can use Linking or Append to add the character from an already existing blend file.

-I can’t use append because:
I have to be able to alter the original blend file and see the changes in all character instances in the scene(s).

-It seems I can’t use linking either because:
Although I can’t animate or change position of the object, there’s a workaround for this: I can make a proxy of the armature. Could be better, but ok.
The problem is that I can’t link the same file more then once. I’ve already tried this and nothing happened.
Creating several blend files of the same object and then linking separate files doesn’t work either because that will bring the same problem with Append.

Is there any solution for this? This is putting my project in jeopardy.