Object links - finding out where it is used

Hello everyone,
for some odd reason, I found out that I was using the same image texture twice when I haven’t have been doing so. I suspect that image texture might be causing me some headache export-wise in DirectX, but that’s besides the problem.

How do i find out where exactly was a particular datablock used? In my case, it’s an image texture that’d been used twice. I can’t figure out for nuts where else did I use that texture. Is there a way to find out? I tried Find in the Outliner, but it only returned me a single reference to the image object. Help!

make one window ‘outliner’ (like you would make a window ‘uv/image editor’) Then click View -> Show Oops Schematic

Yup, tried both view modes of the Outliner. I tried deleting all the references I knew of the image object, but when i went to the OOPS Schematic, the Image Object was still there, but linked to nothing! I saved, closed Blender, then reopened; it was still there!
Going to the DataBlock Browser via SHIFT F4, the image still had 1 reference! Tried deleting the image itself in the DataBlock Browser, but got error: Check console for details. The console didn’t print anything though.

Anyone has any ideas how to get rid of that mysterious link of an image object? It’s not a Fake user; there wasn’t a ‘F’ beside the name. Meanwhile I’ll try moving the textures to another path.