Object list (Sounds) doesn´t appear

Hello. I’m doing an interactive pres. with many sounds. The fact is I’ve reached the limit of the pull-down menu, so if you try to open one, the alone DataBrowse appear and shows an ObjectSelector window.
BUT: it doesn’t happen in the ‘sound’ actuator, where ‘DataBrowse’ does nothing! I can’t assign a new sound to an actuator.
Anyway, I know many big games with so many sounds have been made. What happens? What have I to do?

There have been several posts on this recently.

There appears to be a built in limit of 30 or so sounds you can use in a game. I don’t know if this is a bug or an intended ‘feature’ though.

this question is asked so many times already… I think the best way to add sounds trough python… don’t know how… maybe like get the sounds from the same directory and loop or play it… and maybe set the pitch… and connect the script to a key…