Object looks different in Sculpting than it does in modelling


(Sarah Allen) #1

Hello all!

I have a new problem!

So I am making a face on Blender 2.8. All is going well on modelling APART from when I go onto the sculpting tab to use the tools. When I click on it, the face turns very low res, to the point I cant really see what the alterations I am making are going to look like until I go back into Modelling mode.

It also doesn’t show the mirror modifier but I think I have read other people having that problem also.

Here is a screen shots for reference:

Anyone at all know what to do? Is this purely because it is the Beta or am I doing something wrong.
Can’t seem to find anything about this problem on Google.

Many thanks!!

(Sarah Allen) #2

This is how it looks in modelling mode!

(Álvaro) #3

Usually sculpting ignores any modifier you have on your object, hence the mirror modifier and probably the subdivision modifier gets disabled.

If you really need to sculpt right now, try the Multiresolution modifier, which is another sculpting tool but as a modifier.

(Sarah Allen) #4

Thank you Alvarocgi, this seems to have done the trick!