Object looks out of scale against HDRI lighting image

Hi everyone. New forum member here with a burning question. Been using Blender for over a year and managed to work most things out via trial, error and youtube. But currently stumped. I have searched (probably not well as I really don’t know what too look for.) Not even sure this is the right section but since its slightly linked to environment HDI lighting It’s as good as any. If it’s wrong please move it.

I’ve started experimenting using HDRI for lighting in my images. I’ve used studio lighting ones with no problems But on my current project, I’m using a rather large outdoors image and when I did a test render, my model looks out of scale and like a large dolls house. Size wise The dimensions for the build (a 2 storey house), are correct (give or take a couple of cm).
Do I need to resize my HDR image?
Unfortunately the forum won’t let me upload images, to illustrate.


You can try connecting Mapping node to the Environment Texture node Vector input and then just adjust the position of hdri image so it will match your scene scale. Most probably you will need to use Generated output from Texture Coordinate with that Mapping node.