Object mesh has an offset from its origin in object mode

I have this weird displacement bettwen the origin of the mesh and the mesh it self as appearing in screenshot. I tried setting the geometry to the origin trick but nothing worked.
Using version 2.82.7.
When I go to edit mode, the mesh is not there and won’t appear unless I click the triangle near the name. While all other meshes/objects are visual without doing anything like I just described.
Also when I go into edit mode and try editing the displace mesh, setting the 3dnave to one of the displaced object, the view is centered to an object that used to have the other object as a part of it, cutter an object of another object and put it as another object
Modifier: cloth.
Edit: I know now why my objects are below plane. It is because the cloth Modifier. Every time I press space, it keeps falling down, so how do I bring objects back to plan from void (bellow plane)?