Object / Mesh properties / description

1] Is there a function (or field) somewhere where you can link info to an object (or mesh)?

I would like to be able to put in a description of the models, potentially use links to documents and other information describing the model.

2] Is there a check in / check out development pipeline system?

For huge projects, especially when working with several developers, it is interesting to be able to check files in and out in a “vault”- or manager type system, keeping track of developers and active version control.
(Kind of like Git / Svn)

  1. You can try the object properties (or even game properties) - but this is for small info only.
  2. On larger projects I use multiple external tools anyway incl. Tortoise. This works quite good if there are a lot of small files. As far as I know there is no support in Blender.

1)2) As part of the project the project documentation are external files too.

And Tortoise is basically a SVN/Git like solution for windows right?