Object Mode Vertex Sap

Can Blender do this? I’ve tried every combination of snapping and pivot point with no success. I want to be able to snap a vert of one object to the vert of another, in object mode, and without moving the origin. In Max, it’s simply a case of enabling vertex snap and hovering the mouse over the vert to be moved, and dragging it in screen space to any other vert. Thanks.

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Hey there. Well I tried vertex snapping mode in blender and it is just working the way you want it to. Where r u facing difficulty?

@Musashidan: To me the answer is yes and no.

It’s exactly possible like that in vertex mode, with “Active”.
But that would destroy your Origin, what you said you don’t want. Select target vertex then select all and move it.

In Object mode it’s not really possible that way. Just partially, including the simples cases like what you demoed. That is possible. The thing is you can’t drag a vertex directly. But what you can do is, to choose “Closest” and prepare the operation by assuring the first vertex getting into the range of the target is the intended snap vertex. You then have to move the cursor until you reach the targets vertex. That is very well possible in your case but not with more complex and nonconvex objects.

@Jon_Targ: Are we missing something here?

If this won’t work then nothing else will do.

There are some addons for aligning and snapping. I use Snapset, Align Tools and Blign but I think Mesh Align Plus (more CAD like) is right for you.

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Yes and no.

No in current release. Unless You use some addon.
Yes, it is being developed, but i’m not sure if its gonna be in 2.83 (may+) or 2.90 (august+)

It is called Base Point snap:


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Thanks, but this is specific to Object mode, as stated in my OP, not Edit mode.

@Debuk yes, in object mode with a mesh rotated at object level I’m getting arbitrary, and often illogical, results.

@const thanks, I might look into those tools.

@MarioPeper thanks for the suggestions.

Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for. Good to know it will be getting implemented in the future.

If you enable vertex snapping and closest you have to do it in a two step fashion.
first move the object so the two vertices that you want to snap is closest to each other and then move and snap.

An other solution is to download the NP station point move addon.


Thanks @Ztreem that did it. Moving in 2 steps. :+1:

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