Object mode viewport.

Hi there, I’m pretty new here and also with Blender. I’ve been using it for eight months and it’s the program I’ve really got to grips with and able to use effectively.

Here’s my problem, nothing too big I’m only modeling for a video game.

When in UV select mode, the model looks beautiful all properly lit and shaded, but when in object mode it looks flat and cartoony. Is there any way I can make the model look the same in object mode as it is in UV select? I have browsed through th forums and couldn’t find anything. Or anything with Google.


Mouse over the 3D window and ALT+Z for Textured View or SHIFT+Z for Shaded View.

Thanks but I know that one. Is there a way to make it appear the way it is in UV select mode? Because rendering turning then rendering again is getting a bit old, haha.

Alt+Z is the same as what you get in face select mode, only better since you don’t have the lines and the selection color over imposed.
Since you are talking about rendering I guess that you are not after the face select mode look but the rendered look. Then you could use a preview window with Shift+P in ObjectMode?