Object moves opposite to manipulator

When I move the manipulator right the object moves left. how do i set it to move in the right direction?


What is your modifier setup ?
What are you trying to do ?
Post a link to your blend file

Modifiers are: Array for the tread, and Curve for the Tread, the tire is a Mesh Cylinder.

I’m trying to set the tire tread outward more on the edges, also I may delete half the tire tread geometry and mirror it for easier editing. because the origin is acting up I cant continue the project :frowning:

here is the blend file:


Tire Tread.blend (567 KB)

Does anyone know how to fix this? check my file.

Been 5 days I cant continue with this project until its resolved please help! My file is listed

Your file was a mess… No wonder the six people who downloaded your file before me just gave up. Nonsensical rotations and scales, mysterious shape keys.

I really pulled all the hair of my fur… :wink: But I managed to clean things up.

Now, if you ever do any modification in Object mode, expect to see my hand coming out of your screen to smash your face on the keyboard. :eyebrowlift:

The fixed blend file: Tire Tread2.blend (520 KB)