Object Moves When Parented to Individual Bone?

So I have an armature and a couple objects I want to parent to the individual bones in the armature. I was able to do so like this for each of the objects:

However, despite having set the origin to center and applying all transformations on both the parent and the child, the child moves and rotates randomly the instant I parent it to the bone. I am able to move it back where it was manually but that is too inaccurate and inefficient for what I am doing. Any ideas?

P.S. I am able to use this option when parenting an object to the armature,

but when I change the parenting mode from “object” to “bone” in the “relations” panel I don’t get any options to “keep transform”. It is crucial that I parent each object to their respective bones. Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

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On the armature, in pose mode, either reset the pose (alt g, and then alt r) or go to ‘rest position’. Still in pose mode, select just the bone you want to use, so it is selected and green/blue.

On the object, alt g and then alt r, make sure origin is in a good place.

in object mode, select the object, hold shift and select the armature. Ctrl-p and choose ‘Bone’ from the pop up menu.

Then switch back to ‘pose position’ or just pose it.

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Thanks for the help! When I do it the way this way, then I am able to get the “Keep Transform” option and everything works great!

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