Object moving problem

Hello, I am looking for some help. I have been working on a large project in blender i have about 40 hours in on it so far. I have ran into a problem that has completely stopped me. Now I’m sure who ever answers this if familiar with pressing Ctrl in blender to make it go in increments instead of free movement. my problem is my blender has locked this mode on and i don’t know how. I have found out whenever i press Ctrl it makes the movement work normal but when I’m not pressing it, it moves in increments. this seems to happen in all locational movements (3D view Node editor UVs ) any time i have to move something it moves in increments unless i hold Ctrl witch is a big inconvenience. it is only happening on the one Blend file so i know it can not be something in my user settings.

Thank you for any help you can give in advance.

You have snapping toggled on. Disable the magnet icon on the 3d view header or use the hotkey shift+tab.