Object name pop up window constantly pops up

I have installed blender for the 1st time, and I’m getting a weird bug where the “change object name” pop up window shows up randomly. I can not click anything at all, and it will pop up on it’s own. It has made using blender impossible, because every time I try to do something, the window will pop up and I have to hit enter to get it to go away, then one second later it pops up again.
I’ve tried uninstalling blender and downloading the latest version (2.92) but it does the same thing. I’ve tried with and without a mouse, thinking maybe the mouse was malfunctioning, but the bug is still there.
Any idea on how to get this to stop?
I’m using Windows 10, by the way.

Hmm, the problem might be in the keyboard: “F2” is the hotkey for this function.

Ah ok. Maybe so. Do you know how I can change hotkeys? If there is a problem with the F2 key, if I can remove any hotkey from it, maybe that will fix it.

It’s in the Preferences > Keymap > Window > Rename Active Item.

Thing is: if it is a keyboard problem, you might see it pop up in other software as well…