Object not joining correctly

Hello.I have made a 3D model and rigged it, when tried to add a new mesh and join it, but it doesn’t work like a solid object. How to join a new mesh corretly?

character2.blend (778.0 KB)

you mean you want the new object connceting with old one and not sepratly !!!

will you can merge the surface of the old and the new object
just select the virts of each object and ALT+M to merge thim,
hope i am right !!!

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I downloaded the file and looks like you haven’t skinned the body to the joints
So you can just create the new object > select it and then the body > hit ctrl+J
or you can just create the new object in edit mode

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All objects have unapplied scale. Select, ctrl+A -> scale to apply. Then get the mesh vertex weights in, and also the armature modifier.

Armature modifier links vertex group weights and bones with their name. Groups and bones have the same name.

Creating a new object and joining it to the mesh with ctrl+J, or adding a new mesh in edit mode, you have to weight that to the relevant group. If you add it to the head and put 100% weight to the head bone, it will follow that bone without deformation. Deformation happens when the group is weighted to 2 or more bones.

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