Object not showing in render, I tried everything.

I am working on a project for school which I decided to make star wars themed. The problem is that the lightsaber will not show up in the render. I have tried everything, I pressed W and selected clear all restrict render. I have pressed alt H and ctrl alt H on the lightsaber. I checked for duplication, it was set to none. I looked in the outliner all the eyeballs are on and all the cameras are on. If anyone can figure out what is going on that would be extremely helpful. I have provided the file along with a screenshot of frame 162 in material view and in render.

The following files contain the blender file, textures, screenshot of frame 162, and the render of frame 162.

images.zip (12 MB)

projectFiles.zip (7.11 MB)


Look in the outliner, you have disabled the object renderability (camera icon)
You have keyframed it off so you will also have to delete its keyframes are keyframe it on/off where appropriate