Object not showing up in render!

I’m rendering 2 objects that are parented. 1 of the objects is not showing up in the final render, but it is showing up in the quick preview render. My ray visibility is setup correctly. What are some settings that can make this happen. I’m sure it’s not a problem with Blender, so I must have accidentally clicked something. I don’t know where to look!

In outliner window check renderability is on (camera icon)
Check render layers are correct
Check in Object / Duplication settings you haven’t changed it from the default ‘None’
Check if there are any constraints or modifiers or keyframes that could move its position ?
Check for any composition nodes that would prevent it rendering

Attach or post a link to your blend file so other people can check for errors

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It was the camera icon. I must have hit ctrl - ? when hiding the object. In the tooltip, what does Ctrl - Recursive mean? What keys could I have hit?