Object not staying on curve when moving curve

This is probably answered before, but I can’t find it. Also because I don’t know what the cause of the problem is it’s hard to search for it…

Anyway, when I move the curve in the x axis the track get’s off the curve.

tank_track.blend (765.1 KB)

Can someone please help

Origins of the curved object and the curve should stay at the same coordinates (i.e. move together). When you offset one relative to the other, the results would look weird as you can see.
So in this case, if you want to move them both either

  1. select both and move
    or 2. parent track to the curve and move curve (the track would follow now)
    or 3. move curve in the Edit Mode (that way the origins stay in place)

Ok, I guess it’s not possible then. Cause when I rotate in Z for example the track goes off the curve.
Thanks anyway.

Ah! No, should have phrased it better: same things go for rotations (and scale). You just have to make sure both objects transform at the same time