Object Not Visible from Front / Rear View.

So I’m making base meshes of heads. The First three [Plus ears] show up fine.

Tried making another head. And it’s visible from both left and Right view.

Try looking front and back. I see nothing. I even tried oritentating them at X,Y,and Z at 0.

Here are the front and side view of my work so far.

As you can see in the side view [the one at the very upper left] shows up in side view. But doesn’t even have a selection mark thingy [for moving it around] in front or rear view.

How do I get it to show up?


I’ll be fixing the necks while I wait for an answer. But I need to know before I move onto the other heads.

Definitely before I start in adding additional heads with every ear type attached. And I’ll also be needing it before I move onto barrel and limbs meshes [since if it’s going to be a recurring problem [possibility] I’ll need to know the fixes for it.

Is it outside the current view port area.
Select the object and see its location in the properties panel

It was.

I didn’t think a simple Duplication and grabbing it over would move it by as much as it did. But looked into the Properties pannel [rather than the object / Scene window [to check that it was selected]. Some how it ended up at -324 on the X axis.

Seriously thank you [and now I know where to check next time this happens].