Object not visible if one of multiple material has alpha=0

Hello all,
I am going crazy with it (beneath other things…)

I want to make a multiple material.

For example:
Give a circle a multiple material as usual.

Two materials are now assigned to the faces of the circle.
The first one is - say - blue, the second material is red.

Now reduce in the second material’s buttons window the A slider to 0. In the in rendering (F12) the whole object dissapears. But shouldn’t it be blue?

This is only an example, in reality the multiple material is much more complex.

So what am i doing wrong?


you have multiple materials assigned to a single face?
[then you’re confused, this isn’t possible in blender]

or multiple textures on one material?

then it depends on texture channels, and a couple other things. if no material writes to the alpha channel, and you set the col.A to 0, then the whole thing will disappear [well, if ztransp is on]

I think your misunderstanding something [likely something I didn’t just mentioned] about how materials work in blender.

Well, shame on me. I wanted to apply mutliple materials on 1 face.
I was confused, because a blender file which I found in the internet seems to make it, but it fakes it with to layers of faces with little distance.
So I was totally confused.
Thanks and bye.