Object Painter

Object painter - allows to draw by selected objects on visible scene objects


  • Windows only


  • Blender->Edt->Preferences->Add-ons->Install from file…

How to use:

  • Select objects you want to paint with, adjust options(location,rotation,scale and distance(step between objects)) and start paint holding pressed left mouse button.RightMouseButton - exit from painting mode.



Very nice - bought! :slight_smile:

Nice but hard to compete with asset sketcher he also have physic painting but if you ever capable of bringing it to the level of 3ds max paint object i will surely reconsider.

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It´s also 1/6 the price…

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When you are in a full production environment you don’t look at 10 or 15$ you look what will make you go faster!

By the way i am not criticizing your addon i was just comparing it since every addon has the potential to become the king of the hill with the appropriate dedication.

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I get that, but not all people using Blender do it in a production environment :wink: Anyway, competition is good, and I hope TitusLVR gets encouraged to keep improving this addon :slight_smile:

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So you are selling basically the built in scatter object addon by Jaques Lucke:
what is the difference?

Hi guys,
@polynut : Yep now addon is simple object painter but it will be extended for sure, now just basic things
@theApe : Thank you
@DERBENDER: 1)You have to select only objects you want to paint with, without select of target object.
2) i want to see objects without transparency when paint
3) It crates separate objects. but anyway it’s similar because it’s object painter(scatter)

and a bit about features what i want to implement:

  • Draw on selected
  • Order of drawing
  • Modal brush with a gizmo
  • Fill mode(surface scatter)
    and more i hope

Many thanks guys.

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Please have a look at how object paint work in 3ds max since it is so versatile for making anything like trees etc.

Here some idea for your addon : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwHJgfdOFDw

Also have a look at this video to see how powerful it is for any 3d software ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79_0FM2Tlzs

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So had free time this weekend, added object scatter.

Many thanks!


very nice! :slight_smile:

From the Gumroad page:

Personal, Indie and Studio Licenses are available. Personal licenses do NOT apply to companies. For Indie and Studios purchases, script cannot be redistributed or resold unless as embedded components of electronic/interactive media

AFAIK, Blender add-ons must be released under a GPL-compatible licence (if not directly released under GPL), and I am afraid that some sentences from this paragraph are not compatible with GPL.
I don’t think that you can restrict users from sharing (redistributing) nor reselling your add-on.

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Just started using this, this is great and straight to the point.
Three things that would make it even better :

  • An option so that the stroke doesn’t pick up objects already painted, to avoid things piling up.
  • An option to align the painted objects along the direction of the stroke
  • Making sure that the painting doesn’t pick up unwanted objects when in isolate mode.

Besides that this little tool is great.

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Hi, added to version 0.1.3:


Addon was updated to version 0.1.4:

  • Fixed stroke :wink: more or less
  • Modal keys added: Enable/Disable stroke, Clean, Size changing.
  • Some code changes
  • Painted objects are inside “ObjectPainter” collection

Please download and install.


Hello -
Just wanted to let you know that the addon is now throwing an error in 2.91. It is still working fine in 2.83LTS.
(note that I am still running version 0.12 of the addon though).

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Hi there again -

Just wanted to confirm that 0.14 isn’t working either in 2.9. I am getting the following error when clicking the main Object Paint button :

Hopefully this can be fixed soon, as this tool is extremely useful. Thanks !

Updated to 0.1.5

Thanks for mentioning Asset Sketcher. Today I saw this which looks pretty neat and I was just wondering if something like that would exist for Blender.

Edit: @TitusLVR sorry, didn’t mean to hijack your thread. Your add-on looks very promising!

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Impressive I would like to see this on blender

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