Object positions won't update

I just started using Blender literally 30 minutes ago. So, sorry if this is a stupid question.

Basically, I have a cube, a sphere, and two planes. I’m trying to make a little physics simulation. However, when I change the position of the cube and press P to play the simulation, the cube snaps back to it’s original position.

Any ideas?

Well you know, thats not enough info to help us help you…

You can post the blend for us to look at.

Are you running an ipo? If its an ipo, just delete it and do it again, be carefull to move your frames before you move the object and insert the frame.

Are you using the motion logic brick?

Are you moving the cube in edit mode or object mode? Did you do a ctrl A in object mode before playing.

Sorry, im tired and cant think or anything else…

Forgive me, but as I said, I’ve only been using Blender for 30 minutes, so I’m not entirely sure what information is needed.

All I did was created a cube and a plane, set the cube to [Actor, Dynamic, Rigid Body], chose Game > Render game physics to IPO, and hit P. The animation plays fine. But, when I try to move the cube to a new starting position, it snaps back into its original position when I hit P.

I would give you the .blend, but I didn’t save it. I’d still like to know why it was doing that, for future reference at least.

in the ipo curve editor window (its just like object mode or edit mode, exept its called ipo curve editor) check if the LOC X, LOC Y and LOC Z are all colored, if so, just delete them. Basically, those say that when the ipo is played, the object goes to those coordnants. hopefully that might help? I had a very similar problem with a tank turret, whenever i wanted it to tilt up, the tank turret would jump off and go to where i initially made the tilting up motion.

basicly what the others are saying is true since you recorded the ipo first. before you can change the ipo youll have to ether delete the first ipo or replace it in the ipo editor. (you get there on the little icon bar beneth the 3d window {shows what your modeling} and above the before the tringle. click the graph picture to shange to ipo edit mode.

Maybe use L or not in the ipo actuator? I cant remember which.