object question

Is there a way to take an object that has been rotated and scaled by some arbritrary ammounts and reset that rotation and scale to 0, while leaving the geometry of the object where it is in world coordinates?

Alt-R will clear Rotation and Alt-S will clear Size. (Alt-G will clear Location, in case you were wondering.) These can also be found under Clear/Apply in the Object Menu. Those will undo all rotations and scalings done to the object.

To set the current orientation and size as the “base” (0 rotation, 1 size), use Ctrl-A.

thanks for that. been wondering how to do it ever since I started with blender.

It’s not well-named.

“Apply Rotation” means that henceforth, “rot=(0,0,0)” for that object shall be redefined as “the object’s present rotation.” When this is complete, the object has not rotated at all from where it was just a moment ago, but its rotation parameters have been redefined as zero. “Size” is the same.

Unfortunately, the English verb “Apply” really dosn’t mean that. %| But that’s the way it is.

Actually, it means apply the Object matrix to the ObData. To understand this, you have to understand something about Blender’s object structure as discussed in another thread.

Example: Create a Mesh cube. Check the coords of a vertex in Edit mode. Now rotate the cube in Object mode and Apply Size/Rot. Still looks the same, but now check the coords of that vertex in Edit mode. Cool, eh? You have applied the Object matrix to the Edit mode data ( ObData ).