object rigid body well parented to another object

K so ive posted many forum topics on this problem im having and no answers yet but ill try again. i cant get objects, well they are temporarily parented to another object, act as a rigid body, they just simply go right threw things or fall threw the floor when you lower the cube down with the mouse but when you let go of the mouse and drop the object it reacts fine and hits the floor like it should its just when its parented im having the trouble. here is a .blend file so you guys can understand what im talking about.

Go to the bright blue cube and once your close enough pick it up by holding left mouse button and then go over to a wall and you can move the cube right threw the wall or lower it and drop it threw the floor. i need it so it reacts to the wall and floor and simply doesn’t go threw them like a ghost.


example.blend (1.83 MB)

ah, a 2.57 file…well, I will never use 2.57, but you seems desperate, so I’ll make an effort!
Enabling “Compound” for your Cube.001 will add the “picked” object to the “collision compound”!
Then, you must find a way that the “player” don’t “go mad”!

k but i have it show the object gets parented to the hand witch is permently parented to the cube.001.

or will it still work