Object Rotation Problem

I am trying to create a simple ball shooter game, the cylinder which is acting as a gun can be rotated about the local x and z axis to fire up/down and left/right. The problem comes when you combine several rotations, you end up looking at the world at a very odd angle. I tried locking the y rotation but this didn’t help.

Is there a way of panning up/down and left/right without ending up at an odd angle to the horizon?

ballshooter.blend (571 KB)

(up, down, left and right arrows to pan, spacebar to shoot)

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I couldn’t tell from what was shown, but is the cannon itself centered in a way where it can rotate with the floor? I ask, because the area where the cannon’s center is will change how it rotates on the Y axis in relation to the ground.

I’m not sure I get what you mean. It begins parallel to the floor with the local co-ordinates aligned with the global co-ordinates, so yes, when you initially rotate about the z axis it remains parallel to the floor. Its when you combine a rotation about the z axis with a rotation about the x axis that I get the unwanted rotation about the y axis.

I’ve partially fixed it by adding additional controls to rotate about the y axis, this means that you can get it back upright, is there a way of doing this automatically?

I also tried using a “track to” actuator with an empty above the gun but this prevented the motion actuators working.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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This is because the Motion actuator performs the rotation in an order. I think it is X,Y,Z.

Edit: Removed a suggestion. Reason … it does not work as expected.

You can parent your object to empties that perform the rotation in the order you need.

rotate aroundZ
L__ rotate aroundX
. . . . L__ your object

This is quite a good method to keep the up-vector constant.

Could you maybe explain this in more detail or point me in the direction of a tutorial, I’ve tried with three parented empties, one for the z rotation, one for the x rotation and another above the cylinder with a TrackTo actuator applied to the cylinder to keep it pointing at the empty. Unfortunately the cylinder wouldn’t move at all with this setup.

I’m a bit stuck :frowning:


Azimuth rotation should be around global axis, while elevation should remain local. So I suggest you deselect the “L” options of the actuators driven by right/left arrows.

Need a quick demo?

check this one …

arrow keys + <Q>+<E> :wink:

you do not need such bombastic meshes. Empties will do the trick as well :evilgrin:


AdditiveRotationDemo.blend (86.3 KB)

The example was very clear and I’ve implemented it without any trouble.

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