Object Scale

I’m completely self-taught when it comes to 3D modeling. And everything I do is by trial and error. My question has to do with Scaling.

Well I know about the N key for entering parameters for an object. But what I am having problems figuring out is, what do the numbers mean? Is it in feet, inches, yards, fathoms? I picked up blender for use of a game that I am currently tinkering with. I’ll be writing it in DarkBasic Pro and I know that I can adjust the scaling in the programming. Which brings me to the idea of just setting up something that works in the WIP, use my own scaling and then readjust in the code? Or is there a set routine?

Any ideas/comments/suggestions? My confusion will persist till I get some insight. :o

they are called “Blender Units” or BU

basically they can be whatever you want them to be - make sense?

Sweet, got it. Thanks for the quick reply. :slight_smile: Also searching the forum for the Blender Unit to get more info. Thanks for the quick reply.

What I do, for scaling is use the basic cube for reference. I’ll move it off to the side, import my object and set the height to the height of the cube. When I prepare an object this way, I usually scale it at the vertex level instead of using the N-Key numeric input (put the object in edit mode and scale from there). That way when I am finally ready, the scale of my object is 1.0 and not some arbitrary number.