Object scaling problem


I am new to 3D animation and tried to find solution to my problem from the internet but probably did not use the right keywords.

Ok, so I have an Earth and a satellite. Satellite is spinning and following a path (orbit).
Satellite is a joined object.

I want to scale one detail which is connected to the satellite. Make the detail longer in one axis and I separated the objects to do that.

Problem is that when I scale the detail it also scales the whole satellite same way. It seems that they are still connected in the NLA Editor but I can choose them separately in the 3D window.

But the smaller object has to stay connected to the satellite and it would be very hard to animate it separately because the satellite is rotating and moving.

Once again, scaling a smaller object (which seems to be separated from larger object) also scales the larger object.


Maybe there is a parent relationship going on thereā€¦