object select in 2.5

if i type this in interface console

print (‘ob1=’,ob1)

it is printing the following




Good question, I don’t know either. They are constantly changing the python commands right now. I can’t wait until I can start making scripts. For now, I always hit a brick wall of some sorts like what you are experiencing. Good luck. I’m gonna keep working at it for awhile because it’s fun to use python. :wink:

operators are not API functions, they are more an interface to user tools which always return their status.

In this case just do…
bpy.data.objects[name].selected = True

You help out people so much and so fast! Just letting you know that I appreciate it very much. The whole world (at least the blender community) will always remember the name, “Ideasman42”

i got examples with the bpy.data … and working fine

but i saw this ops thing and tried it
this exxxample was on one of the new wiki page for intro to 2.5 last week

so if i go inot the interface console
and add this

obl=bpy.ops.object.select_by_type(extend=False, type=‘MESH’)

this is supposed to select all objects of type mesh in the scene
so your saying that i cannot assign this to a list and then print the objects for instance

so how can i used this list of selected objects and print or do whatever else i can
with it ?

and where can theses bpy.ops can it be use ?