Object settings

Hello Blender Enthusiasts,
I as an old seasoned 3D freak but newbie in Blender have a question for the community
When loading a new ad-on, for example “Ad mesh: Extra Objects”
and then apply the add-on by inserting one of the new mesh objects,
then a menu appears at the bottom left where you can make settings relating to the new object.
If you leave the settings palette and move the object, for example,
then this settings window will disappear.
Can you tell me how to open this window again?
I can’t find it in the object settings on the right side.
Where did that go?
Surely there must be a way to modify the object again after releasing it?

Welcome to BA :slight_smile: You can bring this up again by pressing F9

For default objects - basically nope, you cant.
There only 2 cases when you can modify the settings of created objects:

  1. RIght when you create it, and those menu (its so called “redu panel”) are appear.
  2. When you just click by mistake somewhere and close redu panel, in this case its - F9 or main menu Edit > Adjust Last Operation.

Peformind ANY other operation, even just a simple moving - will make you unable to change object settings again.

This is how blender works, because its an new industry standart and everything better than in 3ds max, maya, cinema, xsi.



Closest alternative to any other software is an payed (or free. Its up to you) addon Wonder Mesh:

Check the description in the end, where’s a link to github where author allow to download it just for free.