Object shading is weird

The left side wheels of my tank just look weird. I don’t know what is causing it, all I can give are some photos:

The weird wheels

The normal wheels

Hope you can see the difference. It is that shadeless, backface culled look, even though backface culling is off and I checked the normals of each wheel, and they are pointing outwards.

looks like they have inverted normals…
in edit mode select all those faces and press ‘w’ then select ‘flip normals’

if all else fails you can change the material by deactivating ‘backface culling’…I think that is what it is called???

Well, I’ll try, but by the normals facing outwards I mean that they are good, also Backface Culling is already off. It is weird because this used to work, but now it is weird.

EDIT: I’m surprised, but it worked. It is weird, because the normals seemes to face right… Anyway, thanks! I’d thought of doing this before, but for some odd reason didn’t try to do it…

Just glad you got it worked out.

What theme are you using? It looks almost as good as your tank ; )

It is called Dark n Blue. Found it on blendswap. Thanks for the tank comment, I appreciate it. BTW there are some levels going on there in the game, without it it looks worse.

The normals will look fine in the view-port, but they will render incorrectly when using the standalone player. Also, disabling backface-culling will reduce your game’s performance.