Object shows in local view, not global view

Ok I must have pressed something …

but my lamp is showing up in local view, but not in my scene (global view)… i checked the object in outliner, nothing is hidden or turned off

What Im a missing? Blender 2.8 btw

Could really be anything. Would you mind to at least show a screenshot (full window) of Blender? The file would be ideal, but I don’t know if can/want to share it.

Is the lamp having an effect in global view?

Look at the overlays menu - could it be that you turned off lamps in that?

Ok this is weird

I just found out that I can see the object in global view… but only in top orthoghraphic view… As soon as I move the camera, it dissapears…

ps…its just a mesh object, shaped as a lamp btw…(no emittor)

Ahh… misunderstood you. I thought you meant like a sun or a spotlight or something.

it’s not… really far up or really far down is it? Could you post a few screenshots? Show as much info as possible.

I found it, for some reason, the lamp was place 10km higher then its original location… So it was just out of my camera views… Not sure what happened there… but it was still there…just waaaay higher then it should have been…Which explains why i could still see it in top view…

problem solved! thanks for your help!

Ah, cool. I also thought you where talking about an actual lamp object. That’s why screens are helpful.

Yeah sorry, ill make sure to post screens next time. Thanks for you help anyways!