Object Size in Game

I am working on an FPS and have run into a bit of a bump in the road. I have been assuming that one grid = one foot (USA measurements). How big or small does an object need to be in the environment to be ok in the game environment; or does it matter? I know you have to adjust the “clip” on the camera as things farther away will not show up. However, if I made my levels and then shrunk them down really tiny would that affect anything? I have not heard much on this subject.


Generally, the smaller an object is, the harder it is to give it mesh detail. However, larger objects sometimes have more physics and lighting problems. Me, I usually make my main character have a bound size of 0.2 or 0.5 and build everything around that.

Bound Size? That’s a new one for me. Please explain.


In the game logic window for dynamic objects, there’s a field called “Size”. For objects with Sphere bounding, this is the diameter of that bound.



If you shrink everything, then you’ll also have to change all of your force actuators accordingly. Since everything is much smaller, if you apply the same force to it it’ll move much faster. Other than that, however, there is nothing bad about shrinking everything.

Technically, it’ll just seem to move faster. And you may have to change the Gravity as well, though I haven’t needed to.