Object size


I’m newbie in Blender, and I have one, maybe stupid question:

Is there a way to specify or check absolute size of object?

I have found Size[XYZ] in Transform properties window, but they are only RELATIVE scalling factor of original mesh. And I want to know ABSOLUTE size of object.

Thanks in advance.

absolute size how?

What is size for you? height/width? surface area? volume?

You can get more info in edit mode by selecting edge length in the mesh tools1 menu bit.

But if you just want the absolute height/width/depth of an object… I’d say write a tiny python script… shouldn’t be hard.

I was talking about object bounding box, or something like that.

Well, of course I can write a Python script, but I thought that there must be easier way to do this.

When you press B to get the selection box and drag a box, it will tell you its dimensions in the bottom left corner of the window - this can be used as a low-tech ruler.

The values in the N panel are relative to the mesh - this is by design, it is a transformation panel after all.

If you press Ctrl+A to apply the size and rotation to the mesh, and go into edit mode and turn on “Edge Lengths” in editbuttons (F9) you can get more accurate measurements.