Object sliding through soft body string (Help)

I’ve got a character here that has a necklace.
I want the pendant to slide through the string that has a soft body applied to it.

I’d really love some help. I’m planning to make big animation projects soon :3

I applied a rigid body to the pendent as (Active) and necklace to (Passive)

When I run the simulation, the pendent shakes and hangs into the air before it spins out and falls off the soft body necklace. It only does this when the character moves slightly in the animation.

I have played around with the margins in the rigid body settings.

Just found out that rigid bodies do not work on soft-body simulations. Luckily, I have found a workaround by hooking on the pendent to an empty with vertex parenting :slightly_smiling_face:

shrinkwrap constraint.

shrinkwrap_on_softbody.blend (2.2 MB)

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It could work by rigid body constraint also. but without playing with the softbody, just with rigid body objects parented to the empty.

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