Object Solve scale is too small

Hey guys, tonight I was bored and decided to get in some object tracking practice with the glasses footage from hollywoodcamerawork. The track is great, I got a good solve and everything’s how it should be – except the scale of the bundles. No matter what I do, they always start out at a manageable scale right at the camera’s origin point, but when I change the object distance or scale (in the reconstruction area), they’re freakin HUGE before they’re a decent distance from the front of the camera. I literally spent hours trying to figure this out and I’m exhausted. What kills me is that I’ve done this sort of thing before (with my wolverine claws) and never had this issue before.
For a little more information, I had the bundles at a decent size and distance from the camera before I started having this issue. But I had to change the aspect ratio correction in the tracking camera settings at one point (because I had accidentally changed it in the wrong place before and in the 3d view the track was off). Then everything worked fine, but then when I refined the solve, everything’s scale was wonky and just wouldn’t let me fix it.
Seriously, my brain’s scrambled eggs right now, so I’m gonna listen to some nice music and calm down before I go to bed. I’d really appreciate anyone’s insight on this.

Quick recap - locked off shot with no camera tracking. The object track is great. all points and bundles stick where they should. Bundles are way too small and close to the origin of the camera (can’t even be seen from camera view). To put them even one blender unit in front of the camera, the object scale has to be set to around 6000 and the resulting bundles are enormous. Track still works, but it’s all screwy looking.

Thanks guys,

I’m not in front of my computer at the moment. But if I remember correctly, once I set the scale in the movie clip editor, I makes my camera and 3D points, in the 3D view, really small. I had to click on the camera, over in the far right area (where the render area is), and select the little camera icon, and you can change the camera size (not focal length) just display size. It made the camera larger or smaller, in the 3D view port.

Then by pressing N to open the panel on right of 3D view port, there is a place,to allow you to increase or decrease the size of the tracking points, to make them larger or smaller. That may be the setting you are looking for.

well, I ended up just redoing the project from scratch, and whaddya know, I ended up with a better result. not entirely sure why, but it may have something to do with the camera focal length settings in the movie clip editor, cause I changed it this time before I got the better result. the problem is when you add the camera solve constraint and the bundles are all the way at the camera’s origin point (or crazy close to it) so then you have to enter crazy numbers to get it to exponentially scale up to a decent distance from the camera.
And yeah, I know about the control to change the display size of the bundles, but when it was screwing up, I had it set on the lowest possible setting and they were still enormous. any lower and they’d disappear completely.