Object Space and Tangent Space Normals

Ok, I know what a tangent space normal is, but what is an object space normal, and what’s the difference between the 2. I;ve been reading how to use dDo and xNormal but the lights kind of get a little dim when it comes to object space normals. I guess what I need to know is whether or not they can be created in Blender and how it’s done if they can be.

Well, regarding to what on object space normal is… It’s just that: a normal specified in coordinate space of an object :slight_smile: In other words, it is stored directly in local space coordinates and thus is tied to vertex positions; and if you, for example, rotate or otherwise deform your mesh Blender’s in edit mode, you’ll have to recalculate it.

As to creating object-space normal maps in Blender: you sure can, just select Object-Space in normal map baking settings.

Also take a look here: http://wiki.polycount.com/NormalMap/#Normal_Map

Thanks for the fast response Stan. As I said, I’m looking at wrapping my head around dDo and it’s got a slot for adding an object space normal and also says somewhere they can be created in xNormal. The models will be made in Blender and the object space normal would probably be better if I made it in Blender. So I guess I don’t really need xNormal for anything then. Just checking out dDo before I think about buying a license. Thanks again sir.