Object spawner disapeared.


Dont know what its called, so I couldnt find any answers on google or blender.com.

So, this ‘Object spawner’ thingy, that sets the location at which an object is spawned, disapeared.

I’ve tried clicking at random locations, which usually brings it to that location, but I’ve had no success.

So basically, i cannot spawn any objects in the project im working on at the moment.

Please help me find the object spawner. :o

This is the 3D Cursor.

Pressing Shift+C brings it back in the center of your world.
You can use the View properties Panel from the 3DView Menu for numeric input as well.

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Ive also been wondering how to bring it back to 0,0,0… so thanks for that.


now my little xyz mover thing (im sure you guys know what im talking about, so I wont bother posting a pic) disapeared.


any help?

He he, you need to learn some terminology :smiley:
object spawner = 3D Cursor
xyz thingy = Transformation Manipulator (some people call it Transformation Widget)

First you need to make sure the Transformation Manipulator is enabled. Pressing Shift Space toggles it. You can check its status in the 3D View Header. If it is enabled, but it is still not visible, the following might be you problem:
The Transformation Widget goes to whatever Pivot Point you have set. If you are using the Cursor Pivot Point (.), then that is where it is. The default pivot point is the Median Point (Shift ,). If you are using the Median Point, and you still can’t see it, it might be because your Object Center (the little dot at the center of your objects) has been misplaced. Return it to its rightful place with Center New in the Mesh Panel of the Editing Context (F9) in the Buttons Window.

Hey All,

Its CTRL+SPACE that toggles the manipulator (XYZ thingy)! At least in Blender 2.46 :wink: