Object Spawning, Double Parenting, and Animation Troubles?

Hello, all!
About a year ago, I started using Blender for simple Minecraft animations. Recently I have started to learn the Game Engine mechanics, but currently I have found a couple issues that I am having trouble figuring out. Here’s the file if you want to follow along. I am using version 2.73 with the Game Engine, and there are 3 glitches I have found:

1: When you shoot “Enemy” (the red person), the Empty he stands on does not receive the message “Spawn” from “Enemy.” This is a message sent from “Enemy” to “Empty” upon shooting the enemy, and it tells the empty to spawn a new enemy. However, nothing happens when you shoot the enemy except for him disappearing. (P.S. Sorry if this is hard to follow, you’ll understand it better inside blender)

2: After I (or you) jump onto the various wood stacks and then try to shoot, your aim is off center. I assume this is because the Empty that emits the bullet is parented behind the active camera, but the active camera is parented to “Player.” So the empty is parented to another parented object, which may throw off its function.

3: This one is most likely on my part, but I am thinking someone else could be able to help me fix it. Sometimes, “Player”'s walking animation doesn’t play from Player.ArmatureAction. The most often instance is where you press A to aim, and hold down W to go forward at the same time. You won’t move forward while aiming, but as soon as you let go of A (while still holding down W), you simply glide across the ground.

If you aren’t watching the video on YouTube, here are the controls:
Left Mouse Button(LMB)-Shoot gun, but only while aiming with A
Mouse-Look around
These are more or less the WASD controls, if you’re wondering about you hand positioning.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks for at least trying!

everything has been fixed here, but the game only runs on blender 2.73 :frowning: