Object stays black no matter the material added?

Hi All,
Thanks for checking in on me. I cannot figure out why this object is staying Black on F12 although in render preview it is as desired.

I have even switched out the material to a basic white diffuse and it F12’s out Black. I tried IS Camera Ray too with the same result.

Any thoughts on why an object stays Black like that. I even added a point light next to it but did not affect only the room got more shadows and a small increase of light.

Could it be the reflective boxes I used for my light emitters of the hangar lights that are on Volume?

File is to big for upload…(sorry)

Thanks for any help on this

F12 view

Update with some more views of Render, material and Node shots along with those reflective boxes I mentioned

Hard to say without the file, but what strikes me weird on first glance are the clamping values you use…

Do you know the theory behind them? In short: In a “normal”, low dynamic range image (jpg, png, bmp etc.) the brightness values all lie in a numerical range from 0 to 1. The maximum possible brightness difference between two neighboring pixels is therefore 1.

Cycles however, renders internally in a high dynamic range image format, which can handle (theoretically) limitless brightness values. This can result in extreme brightness differences between neighboring pixels which the anti-aliasing can’t compensate and that can - as one possible effect - result in the dreaded “fireflies”.

By using clamp values you tell Blender to “cut off” brightness values above the defined threshold value. This may reduce fireflies, but - careful! - can, when overdone, also significantly reduce the overall image brightness and color representation. Reasonable clamp values will not be lower than 1.0 as an extreme(!), because values lower than that will even start to cut brightness down beyond the brightness level present in “normal” images. I for myself mainly choose clamp values between 2.0 and 7.0 if necessary.

Your clamp values, however, are far below that (0.06!! 0.03!!), which can not be without consequences on the render result…

Are normals correct for this object? Solidify modifier?
Could you File ->Append this object only in a new blend file and post?

iKARI Thanks for pointing that out. I must have been thinking .01 was the min not 1.0 That explains why none of my lights would work eh? I mean they did barely. Now I guess I will have to go back thru and adjust them all back down remove some points too.

Eppo- Normals are all good. No modifiers. The same result of black when clamps at 1.0 and 1.0 although the scene is much brighter…

This is a shot after adjusting all the lights down after putting the clamp up to 1 and 1.0… That material is used through out 24 x’s called piping. it is the same as the beam…

Duplicate object fighting your Z?

I do not know what that means Craig? I know duplicate an object, … fighting your Z?

Z- fighting is when 2 faces are literally on top of each other and Blender can’t decide which is “top” due to calculation errors at small numbers.
The usual look is something like chess field - one face light another dark.
This however is more like a Black Hole - i got same (3d preview is fine, render just pure black) when object with Solidify mod had not scale applied.
Happens when you use texture and there is no UV coordinates but that looks black on preview too.

Just for the gigs - could you Append it in a new file, add some light and try to render it alone?

Well, I see a bed pipe, then a bed pipe.001, then a bed pipe.002 and the first bed pipe is what is selected, so…

Ok, yes they are inside one another as the 'plumber mentality" would go… Must be fighting the “Z” and I was thinking I was staying up late. J.K…

I created one cylinder duplicated and scaled up, etc As one does when creating a world with bump, texture and glow layers. However, It is only one material.
I will try to bring one pipe and see the result. That must be the fighting the “Z” you mentioned. Thanks Guys, will let you know

That was it! Fighting the “Z” Thanks you guys. Looks like the shuttle is back on schedule for launch.
“MY Benny Hana” Sickbay bed is open for business… LOL