Object sticking together and acting strange in 2.66

I’m building my first models with the new release 2.66 and everything is acting strange.

If two objects touch they stick together, and I have to switch between Edit mode and Object mode and separate them repeatedly.

They are NOT parented and though some objects are grouped, others are not, yet all seem to act the same.

I’ve tried to ungroup, unparent and everything else I could find, so far nothing seems to separate them in a lasting way. They all have their own origins and seem to be separate objects.

I imported the legs of the project from an obj file which was exported out of iMesh Pro from my iPhone4.

When I go to use the translation widget and select an axis a HUGE white circle which indicates the range of influence of the translation appears. Anything inside the circle moves with the selected item. The size of the circle works just like the circle select tool.

I’ve never seen these behaviors before, are they bugs, new features or me doing something wrong???

I have attached the blend file to below.

Thanks for any help,

tripod.blend (574 KB)

You have “Proportional Editing” button turned on.
Thats 2 buttons right from layer buttons.

Awesome ! Thanks zelif, I’m always happy when it’s such a simple and definitive fix. :slight_smile: