Object stop with time!


I have a problem with the BGE. I set a linear velocity to a spherical object and I plot the velocity versus the time. I have observed that the velocity drecreased but I don’t know why? If any have an anwser…

Sorry for my poor English.


Do you think this effect is due to friction coefficient?

Do you think the solver’s errors is important?

The best way to get a good answer is to post a sample .blend file illustrating your problem. At the very least, you could describe the results of your “experiment” in more detail. Does it just decrease a little bit and remain constant? Does the velocity decrease linearly? If this is the case, my guess would be that you give it an initial velocity, and from there it decreases due to friction (as meshuggah suggested).

The velocity decrease until she takes the zero value. I join my .blend!

Thank you for your response!


collision.blend (279 KB)

I have solved the problem: the movement stop due to Damp and Rot Damp!!