Object stop

Any one know how you would make an object stop, then move inside the engine.
Something simple as a box rot. STOPPING for a sec. then rot. again?
or - if you didnt understand that…

How would you make an object/box (random settings) - move, stop, and move again…

I think an IPO would do the trick. Although I’m not sure what you mean by that.

if you want something to do something and then be still for a while I would recomend having a Timer property and have the action happening in a certain interval, sa 0-50. And then when the timer reaches for example 100 you reset it to 0. This will make things happen between 0-50 and not happen between 50-100.

Note: at least for me the timer seams to “jump” so have it reset in a small interval rather than a fix number.

What if you had the stop position on an “always” sensor, and the rotation triggered by something else, like a keybord sensor?

I had a problem turning physics off on an object that sounds a bit similar. I tried lots of complicated stuff like re-setting the position and orientation every frame, and applying particular forces, and none of it worked.

The only solution I’ve found is to End the object and, at the same time, replace it (with the add object actuator) with another object that looks identical but has no physics properties. The change is invisible, so it works fairly well.

I only needed to do the transition one-way, but I don’t see why you couldn’t make the dummy object spawn a physics object back in when you wanted to make it move again.

Hope that helps!

also stuck on this basic problem beside replacing the objects everytime, no other of doing it it seem… for some strange reason you can’t set the velocity for the game object… you can only set velocity etc thru motion actuators… maybe someone will fix this on the next release of the game engine… you can get the velocity but you can’t set it directly… not to sure behind the logic in that?? maybe it has something to do with the way the physics is calculated?